Friday, October 10, 2008


Last week I hurt my back... pulled it... officially "sprained" my lower back. Ouch. It's progressively, slowly, improving, but still quite painful. And having to carry an oxygen tank with me everywhere I go doesn't help. However, I was determined to vote this week. I was actually going to vote last week, but my back hurt so badly then that I had to postpone. I should add that I always vote early - absentee ballot - or at least I have every year after the 1992 election when I stood in line for hours to vote on election day.

At any rate, not letting anything, not even my back, or a heavy oxygen tank, stop me from voting today - I called the oxygen supply company yesterday to ask if they could bring me a little cart that I could use to wheel my oxygen tank around in... which they dropped off this morning. So, this afternoon, off I went to City Hall - oxygen in tow! My Mother picked me up and we made it a "Mother/Daughter" event... proudly wearing our respective "I voted today!" stickers after we did our civic duty. We stopped at a local cafe for coffee and cookies afterward to celebrate.

It feels VERY good to vote. Regardless of the outcome, I always feel excited to know I did my part - shared my opinion. But, I want to do a little more by encouraging others to vote - no matter what your challenges or obstacles. Most towns have volunteer groups willing to give rides to individuals who can't drive themselves to the polls, and you can always request an absentee ballot ahead of time - so you can vote early and avoid the crowds. If you're 18 or older, and a citizen of the United States, then be sure to register, and be sure to vote! It's one very important, powerful thing to you CAN do... and it's something that makes an enormous difference. Your voice, your vote, counts!

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