Thursday, August 21, 2008

Juggling something new...

Last Saturday my Mother and I went to the Farmer's Market down in Deering Oaks Park. It was a lovely morning and always great to not only have a reason to stroll through the park, but to buy the freshest produce around. And then there are the people - running into people I know, meeting new people... and simply the fun camaraderie among all the shoppers, whether they know each other or not. But, I had no idea that we'd run into some wonderful performers at the Farmer's Market! A Mime juggling fire... lit torches... while another performer played the accordion! Later the Mime walked, and even rode a unicycle, on a slack rope strung between two large trees. And the show ended with a woman doing aerobatics on a rope hanging down from a tree. Kids, please don't try this at home - at least not juggling with fire, or doing tricks on ropes.... but, by all means, DO try something new! Even juggling (just not with fire!)! Question: What was the last "new" thing you tried to do? I think for me it was... to create a blog! : )

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